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We want to innovate a digital festive approach

PartyFinder's mission is twofold. On the one hand, the app aims to give users the opportunity to find their ideal evening out, whether during the week with comedy clubs or mini-concerts, or at the weekend with a multitude of parties to enjoy with friends, such as open airs.

PartyFinder is also committed to providing maximum visibility for event organizers, attracting a relevant and passionate audience. By helping events grow, PartyFinder also helps support local bars by bringing them new customers. Beyond our core mission, PartyFinder also aims to showcase the rich festive heritage of Brussels and the rest of Belgium.

By facilitating access to festive events, we aim to play an essential role in promoting the local party scene.

Behind the scenes

Dorian Villalba

Marketing manager

Sam Voultisidis

Technology officer

Alexandre Wery

Advertising expert
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