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Each city offers a variety of parties each month, PartyFinder helps you find the party that's absolutely right for you.

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Whether at the beginning or middle of the week, for social events, or on weekends to party late into the night.

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Currently Erasmus student in Brussels, this amazing app helps me each weekend the best parties according to my wishes. 

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Redefining event searches
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By utilizing the filters feature, you can refine your search for events based on specific criteria

Event suggestion carousels

The application offers a selection of relevant events of all kinds taking place in the current week. The aim is to show you the hottest events.

Good deals slider

The "Good Deals Slider" on PartyFinder is a feature that highlights special offers and promotions related to parties and events. Discover free entrances, drinks, food and more at our features events

Event card

Get all detailed info

Detailed information about the event, helping users make informed decisions about whether it aligns with their preferences.

Events description, event category, location and date .

We provide to users comprehensive information

Ticket information, event organize

a new way of finding events

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